Welcome to the Cavenagh Consultant's website. You have been invited to become a Cavenagh Consultant because of the skills, experience and qualifications that you have in your field of expertise. Cavenagh requires more consultants in order to meet Government requirements for the delivery of Psychological Support services.

By becoming a Cavenagh Consultant, apart from the extra patients that you will receive from our Public and Private sector clients, you will also receive many benefits that will help you run your practice and manage your appointments even more efficiently.

In order to become a Cavenagh Consultant, we first ask you to pay a Registration Sign-up fee and then go through the online Engagement Process via this website. This involves filling out an online Application Form, agreeing to our terms and conditions and then paying a one-off administration fee in order for us to professionally vet you and prepare you for security clearance in order to work with our Government clients.